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Small Medium Enterprise

Accepting credit and debit card payments for Small and Medium Sized Businesses has quickly become a given within many industries. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable support staff undertake setting up Payment Gateway and Merchant Accounts for thousands of SMEs every year as our core business. 

Being an independent Payment Gateway, Beepay is able to assist businesses with establishing the most suitable Merchant Accounts available. There are a large number of options for you as the Merchant to consider and ultimately understand what you're being offered. Whilst a Merchant Account from any provider will operate in much the same as the next, the finer details are where the SME businesses will need to focus their attention to ensure they are setting up the most suitable Merchant Account.

Merchant Account rates are an obvious place to start a good percentage on credit cards and a sensible pence per transaction on debit cards. Check to see if there is a monthly minimum fee as often the Acquirer will require a minimum fee per month in order to service the Merchant Account for you. After that there are a number of other fees and terms that you will need to consider including settlement times, auth fees, chargeback fees, 3D Secure requirements, rolling reserves, domestic vs international payment fees, decline fees, continuous authority capability, minimum contract terms and so on. Beepay, as an independent body, is able to assist you by gathering all these requirements and ensure you understand them before committing to the relevant contractual terms.

If you would like Beepay to assist with the Merchant Account and present you with some of the best offering in the industry, please complete the below form and we'll come back to you as soon as possible: