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How Beepay Payment Gateway Works

The solution has been designed with flexibility in mind and so that a Beepay Subscription allows the Merchant to adapt their payment systems to reflect their business model. The Beepay Merchant Management System has numerous features that will provide any Merchant's business with a tool to effectively and efficiently run its online, mail order, telephone order or fax orders credit and debit card transaction processing requirements.

The Process


The customer places an order via your website for goods or services.

The customer's credit card details are captured securely by Beepay. This can either be via our hosted forms or sent via our secure API.



The credit card details are securely transmitted to your merchant bank. The merchant bank sends the credit card details to the customer's card issuer who authorises or declines the transaction.

The merchant bank then sends the transaction results back to Beepay.



Beepay sends confirmation of this instantly. The customer purchasing the goods can see this on-screen and notification is also sent to the merchant. Our online merchant management system allows you to view all transactions online.