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As you would expect with Corporate Merchant Accounts, they often involve larger transaction volumes and values to be securely processed. With this level of activity and transaction throughput, making the Merchant Account choice is even more important to understand and establish in a way that works for your business. Merchant Accounts can be complex to setup, let alone understand the finer details and fee structures that are involved. Beepay has a vast amount of knowledge to help you make the right choice and our team of highly experienced staff will be able to offer assistance with exploring each Merchant Acquirer's offering. As with every type of Merchant Account, the better the Merchant's business plan and trading history that can be demonstrated to the Merchant Acquirer, the better their offer is going to be. Showing an established business model, a solid set of terms and conditions for your customers and the limitation of risk or prolonged fulfilment of the product or service, are all elements that help create more comfort for the Merchant Acquirers underwriting teams.

Beepay is able to work with all the UK Acquirers and a growing number of European Acquirers, so the choice of Merchant Account provider is vast and one that our support team would be happy to explain and introduce you to personally.